Rabu, 08 April 2009

Help Me Pack!!

I am leaving on May 19th for a little European Adventure! I can't express how unbelievably EXCITED I am!!!!! I am a travel fanatic, a gypsy at soul--I CRAVE travel 24/7. Imagine my disbelief when I first heard of Pueblo Ingles, a program where Spanish professionals from Spain and English speakers from all over the world come together for a week of English immersion. The best part? For us English speakers, its FREE!!! I pay only my airfare to Madrid, and the rest of my costs (food, lodging, etc.) are completely covered by the program. The program has several venues, I'll be located in La Alberca, a small town in the southern part of Salamanca. It was the first of Spain's country villages to be declared a National Historical Monument. In short, it's a gorgeous town and my only job while I am there is to speak English!!

Afterwards, I'll be heading to PARIS!!! I can't wait---it feels like I'm going home (and someday, it will be!). I've thought of Paris EVERY. SINGLE. DAY since I left last June, and I never thought I'd have the opportunity to go back again so soon.

Now, the problem is packing.

Packing light has never been in my vocabulary. It comes with being a Libra, I'm indesisive. However, I do remember what a pain it was last year to drag my (v. heavy) suitcase down Metro steps, accross bridges and cobblestone streets. This time, I am determined to pack lightly. And avoid waiting in baggage claim and those pesky check-in fees!

Is it possible to pack for a 15-20 day trip with only a carry-on suitcase (I'll also have a sort of over the shoulder satchel to take with me as a second carry-on for the plane) ??? I'll have access to laundry facilities during my trip, and I really only need two pairs of shoes (cute flats and black heels).....but its so hard to leave things behind!

Any suggestions???

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