Senin, 04 Mei 2009

I'd Like A Letter K, Please

Kristin from Camels and Chocolate, whose amazing travels and stories inspire me daily, posted a travel challenge: Traveling to a country from every list of the alphabet by age 30.

Being the travel addict that I am, I'm jumping on the bandwagon. See my list below (the countries in bold are the ones I have yet to visit). This means I have eight years to visit 23 countries. Call me naive, but I think I can do it--most of the countries are easily grouped and don't require seperate trips. And, once I am living in Europe (is it September 2010 yet??) it will be easier (and cheaper!) to fly to, say, Greece for the weekend.

World, here I come!

A- Austria, Armenia, Australia, Argentina
B- Brazil
C- Canada, Costa Rica, Czech Republic
D- Denmark
E- England, Egypt
F- France
G- Germany, Georgia, Greece
H- Hungary
I- Italy, Ireland, Israel
J- Jordan
K- (really have no desire to see any country that begins with the letter K)
L- Latvia
M- Morocco
N-New Zealand
O- (see letter K)
P- Portugal
Q- (see letter K)
R- Russia, Romania
S- Spain, Switzerland, South Africa, Scotland
T- Thailand, Turkey, Tunisia
U- United States of America, Uganda
V- Vatican City
W- Wales
X- (on hold pending creating of a new country)
Y-Z- (see letter K)

*After further thought (and...ahem...budget...considerations), I've decided to extend my deadline to 35. Details, details.

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