Jumat, 10 Juli 2009

The Look

The Look is a sensual, almost magical, ingrained part of European culture. It's my favorite thing about Paris, about Europe in general.

Imagine...you are sitting on the metro when, suddenly, you lock eyes with a handsome stranger and, for a brief moment, the world stops around you. For as little as five seconds you stare at each other. He stares at you, an appreciative twinkle in his eyes, an expression that speaks of possibility, of what could be. A warm feeling washes itself over your body. Your cheeks flush, a smile starts creeping across your lips and then....the metro doors open and he is gone.

It doesn't matter if either of you are in a relationship, if there is a wedding ring gleaming on his hand. For a few seconds, sometimes minutes, you are together. A mutual understanding passes between you...and then it's gone. You lift your chin higher, feeling more desirable, and you carry on with your day...until the next stranger catches your eye.

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