Selasa, 21 Juli 2009


I need to focus. Take a deep breath, prioritize my life and set up at least a tentative plan for the next year before my move to Paris. I have so many travel plans, cravings, ideas, dreams, that I am losing track of the big picture and what it is I am really working towards (aka PARIS). Here is what I am planning thus far:

August-December: First semester of school (I was originally accepted to the MA in Political Science program, but was recently informed that I've been granted permission to start directly as a P.H.D. candidate in International Relations!). Come January and the start of a new semester, I will be eligible for full funding and a teaching assistantship. However, I need to take the GRE in order to apply for the scholarships. The test date is in November and, to put it mildly, i have MUCHO studying to do. Not to mention dissertation research. I'm strangely excited to be back in the academic world...I love taking classes, doing research, writing papers.

August: CAMPING in Wisconsin!

September: Trip to Baltimore/DC/Atlantic City for my cousin's 21st birthday
Possible trip to NY for my own birthday

October/November: My friend whom I stayed with in Madrid (and met on Couchsurfing...more on that in another post) is moving to Toronto in September and either he will come see me in Chicago or I'll fly up to Toronto and see him. Either way, it'll be a few days away from my job (ahhh...heaven).

December- January: Month long break from concrete travel plans yet. Most likely a few long weekends snowboarding.

January-May: Second semester of school...I will be working, taking (and teaching!) classes and busy figuring out the details of my move (!!!).

May-August: ?????? I have options... My lease will expire in June, so I will be moving back to my parent's house for a few months. I know I want to take a month off before moving to Paris, most likely July. Two weeks to visit relatives in Armenia, and two weeks to travel around Europe (with a few days in Paris for apartment hunting!).

Ahhh, it feels better to have everything out "on paper". Knowing me, these plans will all change, especially since there are a ton of things I want to do that I haven't planned for (i.e. Italy trip, costa rica, scuba diving)...I have this urge to do everything now..I keep having to remind myself that I can't possibly do EVERYTHING I want RIGHT NOW....some things now, others later.

Wooooosaaaa. Just. Keep. Breathing.

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