Rabu, 26 Januari 2011

Things That Make Me Happy

My newfound obsession with organic products (details in a future post). Studying/writing ahead of deadlines = less stress. A plethora of nail colors to beautify my nails and give me a continual splash of color as I type, type, type.

Tutoring (I tutor French). White chocolate mochas. Inspiring messages on coffee cups.

Lentil + Ham soup. Despite my last soup being dumped in the backyard as fertilizer, I made good on my resolution to cook more and this time the soup was DELICIOUS (said claim has been supported by all family members).

Also looking forward to...

A warm bubble bath
Catching up on all your posts (400 of them according to Bloglovin!)
Tea with cinnamon honey
Girls Night Out this Friday
An entire 11 days living with my love, starting Friday

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