Minggu, 13 Maret 2011



Like other irresistible urges, wanderlust begins innocently enough, touched off by a late-night conversation, a good book, too much National Geographic. The desire builds. You gingerly peruse the air-fares in the Sunday paper. More desire. You fondle postcards of cozy-looking Parisian cafes with steamed-up windows. Yet more desire. You are mesmerized by the lush mountains and misty temples on faded posters in Thai restaurants. You find yourself in the travel section of bookstores and spend way too much time at travelocity.com. You wonder if it’s really necessary to have a job. It will only get worse.

Wanderlust takes many forms. For some, even those who’ve never been on a boat, the sea may suddenly beckon. Tahiti has been known to lure many a non-sailor into a vessel bound for the South Pacific. Others will long to stroll the narrow streets of Florence or play chess in the cafes of Prague.Some will crave the snows of the Himalayas, others the beaches of Mexico. Before long a chant of exotic places drums in your ears, murmuring Cuba, Barcelona, Berlin, San Francisco; Mexico, Montana, Hawaii, Nicaragua; Indonesia, Paris, Dublin. On and on, the planet sings an endless song for the imagination. Eventually the desire to escape familiar surroundings overtakes the need for the comforts of home and you are on your way.


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