Senin, 27 Juni 2011

Scenes From The Weekend

I spent the weekend at my love's flat in the city, and it was an amazing weekend. It always is, when I'm with him. On Friday we went to Nine Muses restaurant in Greektown (this place is my favorite restaurant in fact, for the past few years, all important occasions have been celebrated there), then hopped across the street to Artopolis for dessert.

Saturday we went Kayaking on Lake Michigan (or, rather, he kayaked and I sat up front and enjoyed the view...). The cloudy sky worked to our advantage as the weather was cooler and we avoided overheating. The water was crystal clear that in shallow areas we could see the sand at the bottom.

And the best part? We were told to Kayak to a certain point on the lake where we were able to see a shipwreck under the water. As it turns out, Lake Michigan apparently has thousands of wrecks that are well preserved because of the lake's cold freshwater.

How was your weekend?

{rice pudding....yum}

{colorful flowers}

{beautiful sunsets}

{I love this man}


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