Kamis, 11 Agustus 2011

Indulge Me

I can't stop staring at my ring. It catches the light so beautifully, and rests so naturally on my finger. It has quickly become my favorite photography subject. I couldn't resist showing it off --please indulge this moment of vanity!

My love said the ring-finding/designing-process gave him grey hairs. Well, it all worked out because I LOVE the ring, and I LOVE a man with salt & pepper hair ;) Specifically, the man that put this ring on my finger.

In other news, the Beauty Giveaway Winner is lovely Allison!!

(All you bloggers who have done giveaways, how do you copy the winner's comment and the number generated into a post? I've tried to do it but it looks so messy!)

Congrats, girl! Keep an eye on your inbox, I'll be e-mailing you! Thank you, everyone, for entering. There will be another one soon!

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