Rabu, 31 Oktober 2012


Eventhough it's fall the temperature is just like in winter, I mean freezy! You know I am really but really sensitive to cold, so it's just time to wear warm clothes. And when I tell to get dressed warmly I mean all the outfit. So after being dressed I think I am at least 2kg more than I really weigh. You know, between gloves, hat, tights, boots, vest and so on, I can easily double my weight or maybe have the impression it's the case.
I think it's the most difficult period of the year to get well dressed as the mainly thing we care about is to keep warm. However, I always try to use my creativity while getting dressed. What about you guys ?

BAG : Zara
BOOTS : Burberry Prorsum
LIPSTICK : "Diva" by M.A.C.


Kamis, 25 Oktober 2012


OK it's fall but these last days the weather was really great ! The sun was shinning, the temperature was not cold but rather pleasant. OMG, every single day I need to check how the weather's like to know how I have to get dressed!! It's crazy but some days if you don't pay attention and don't wear hot garments you risk to catch some virus with the cold weather while other days you just need a little jacket and it's ok ! You know, finally, the nature only help us to improve our fashion creativity. Isn't is ;) ?
About this outfit I was wearing, it was quite comfy and elegant. I picked out sober colors as beige and black and a very little touch of golden on the clutch. I am amazed about the shape and the cuts of my new jacket. I just want to wear this jacket as much as I can. Then few days ago I decided to combine this lovely jacket with this gorgeous legging with leather effect, the black mid heels pump of which the material consists mainly of velvet and a clutch. What do you think guys about my outfit ?

TOP : h&m
ESCARPINS : Mango (old)
CLUTCH : Guess
SUNNIES : Emporio Armani


Senin, 22 Oktober 2012


Last friday I attended the Mode Suisse Event in Z├╝rich. A big thank you to the lovely Dario! So, it was the 2nd edition of Mode Suisse in Switzerland and the concept consisted in fashion shows and showrooms where swiss designers have the possibility to show their collections. For me it was a great opportunity to discover swiss labels as I didn't still know it. Unfortunately I couldn't see each session of the shows because of my agenda nevertheless I was quite happy to find time to go and see the last session of the shows. As the event was at the evening, I chose to wear shorts with an amazing pattern, a simple shirt with studded golden buttons and black tights to keep warm all night long. For the make-up, I threw myself into red lips and on the eyes I was using a mix of brown and golden eye shadows. the watch and the clutch were the accessories I added to the took. For me less is more then I didn't need more accessories. So I think that I had the complete look to enjoy the event.
SHIRT : Mango
SHORTS : h&m
SHOES : Burberry Prorsum
LIPSTICK : "Rouge Pur Couture - The Mats nr. 204" by YSL
NAILPOLISH : "Rouge Expressioniste" by YSL