Senin, 10 Desember 2012


The day before it started snowing, I was wearing this black and gold ensemble for a dinner in a japanese restaurant. I had this black pullover which is very soft and pleasant to the touch and kept me warm all evening long and this golden skirt. I added some golden accessories which I think is a nice match for night's outfits and my leopard bag. I think the outfit was completely easy to create because of the simple pieces I choose but the accessories produce a sophisticated result in my opinion. Of course, I had a vest with me but I took out for the pictures. What do you think about this outfit ?
So now, let's talk about my trip to New York, I still can't stop telling you guys how excited I am !!! If you have any advice guys do not hesitate to share by commenting below ;)!! I will be there for Christmas and OMG it's incredible how so fast this year crossed... What about you guys ? What are your plans for christmas ? And new year's eve ?

HEELS : Chanel

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