Kamis, 17 Januari 2013


Finally my first post of the week…and the last too... Sorry guys but this week I needed time to take some important decisions that's why the lack of posts. But stay tuned because next week I will post much more:)!! 
So, these pictures were taken the day I visited Wall Street (as you might know, it's the most important district and stock exchange of the world), the famous Brooklyn Bridge and the spectacular Statue of Liberty. It was magical guys ! As the weather in NY was icy cold and I planned to walk a lot that day for visiting, I couldn’t choose anything better than my UGG boots and a beanie to keep comfy and warm during my adventures. Oh, the photos on the Brooklyn Bridge were taken in the end of the afternoon and it was so foggy and that's the reason why it's a bit different. Hope you'll like it!!

BEANIE : from Bongénie
LIPSTICK : Diva by M.A.C

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