Selasa, 05 Maret 2013


I love being well dressed to go out. But when I am at home I prefer to wear pajamas like this one from Victoria's Secret and of course warm socks in winter (ps : can't live without socks in winter). For me this is the best way to feel comfy and relaxed at home. And as you've certainly seen in my instagram (@patricia_do_nascimento) I am a huge fan of macaroons and specially those from Ladurée. Consequently and obviously, macaroons are a part of these cosy moments. But believe me, I am not only devouring macaroons when I am at home... I also take time to care about my skin or my hair for example. Soon I'll show you some nice beauty products I am trying out. So guys, hope you'll like this post and wish you all an amazing day ! Bisou Bisou

PAJAMA : Victoria's Secret
LIPSTIC : "Please me" by M.A.C
PERFUME : N°5 by Chanel

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